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Luke Fraser

Luke Fraser is a London based Composer and Educator working solo and collaboratively across a range of media including sound, music, film, movement and text.

He has been playing the piano since the age of 8, obtaining his degrees in music from Kings College London and Trinity College of Music whilst receiving piano tuition at the Royal Academy of Music. He specialises in both Classical and Jazz piano whilst also offering tutoring in music theory, composition, arrangement and aural training.

Luke's work focuses on rhythmic and metric procedures; the emergence of texture and form through rhythm; systems-based processes such as permutation and near-repetition; and the mapping of the place of resistance and humour within contemporary music, mixed media and performance.

Luke has performed, resided and had work exhibited extensively across the UK, Europe and worldwide. He is currently a Composer-in-Residence at Visby International Centre for Composers and Elektronmusik Studion EMS, Stockholm.

Recent projects include an Arts Council England commission for the mixed media interactive theatrical pieceClamour, which premiered at the Roundhouse, London in 2018; and the ongoing multichannel and audiovisualTime and Motion Studies, which explore the physical mapping of space via an electronic pulse.

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